BeArty Ltd is a technology company making art from global artists, and images of global brands, affordable and accessible for everyone.
The company's technologies comprise:

Vizzio Art

Vizzio Art is a state-of-the-art technology for Digital Wall Art, empowering consumers to display artworks on their TVs and change the artworks at any moment. Gone are the days when people have blank screens on their walls. Now it is possible to view a large array of artwork types and styles at any time.

Vizzio Art is available for a low monthly, or annual, subscription fee to access thousands of artworks with a couple of clicks!

Art made accessible for all.

Vizzio Art will become the "Spotify of Wall Art".

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BeArty Art-Printed Products

Wide selection of printed products incorporating passion-inspired artworks that "Beautify Your Life"

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The world of Digital Wall Art is waiting for you!

Presently available for Samsung TV and Chromecast

BeArty is uniquely positioned to bring creativity into people's lives and making art affordable to all.
BeArty offers innovative technologies and platforms:

BeArty is a mobile app allowing consumers to change their wall décor, at any time, on their TV.
BeArty will become the "Spotify of Wall Art" and disrupt the Digital Wall Art space.

BeArty Art-Prints offers affordable, art-inspired consumer products via a state-of-the art e-commerce site.
A wide selection of printed products are offered incorporating passion-inspired artworks that "Beautify Your Life".