How to connect Vizzio Art mobile app to your TV with Apple TV?

If you are using your Apple TV for the first time, in order to set up your device please go to the Apple TV's website.

Then watch the video below

Or follow the steps below

Connect your Apple TV device (4th and 5th generation) to your TV and switch them on.

Go to Apple TV App Store, search for "Vizzio Art", install and run the TV app.

Your Apple TV device and the mobile smartphone (which has the Vizzio Art mobile app installed) must be connected to the same WiFi Network.

Then on the Vizzio Art mobile app, go to SETTINGS, select MANAGE DEVICES and click ADD NEW DEVICE.

Click on SCAN and the list of compatible devices will appear. Click on the Pair ICON and then selected device will be paired.

Now Vizzio Art is ready to be used for streaming artworks and images, and displaying playlists.

Compatible Devices

Compatible with the models with tvOS 10.0 or higher*:

Apple TV (4th and 5th generations)

* the list is based on available data in regards to Android compatible devices. BeArty has used third party research to compile the list and is not responsible for its accuracy and/or the thoroughness of what devices can or can not be used with the Vizzio Art device software.