Turn your TV into a Ducati Art Gallery

Subscriptions starting at
£4.99 per month*

*Based on an annual package.

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Turn your TV into a Ducati Art Gallery

Subscriptions stating at
£4.99 per month*

*Based on an annual package.

Start 14-day Free Trial

Vizzio Art is your access to the world of Ducati Art

Vizzio Art provides a cost-effective solution to access Ducati artworks and images that are displayed on your TV. A proprietary mobile app communicates directly with your TV.

Vizzio Art is an innovative platform for delivering the best, exclusive images around your passion for Ducati. Ducati lovers have access to exclusive images that can only be seen here. Ducati artworks can be changed on your TV at any time. All for an affordable monthly subscription as low as £4.99 per month*.

Control your walls

Empowering you to change your Ducati Wall Décor at any moment! Gone are the days of having the same wall decoration for years on end!

A world of Ducati Art

Ducati artworks at your disposal 24/7, 365 days a year!

Full control at your fingertips

Browse curated Ducati playlists; create and play your own playlists and view your favourite artworks at any time; control when art is changed; search art by themes, moods and art styles.

Futuristic Quality

Vizzio Art artworks and images are of the highest quality with the possibility of displaying 4K resolution. The highest quality will be offered based on your TV resolution.

Vizzio Art for TV is your gateway
to the world of Ducati artworks

The Vizzio Art App is user-friendly to ensure that you find your favourite Ducati artworks in a heartbeat. Curated playlists based on your preferences and mood are available at a touch. And it is simple to create new playlists that allow you to view your favourite Ducati artworks. The Digital Art App empowers you to change the artwork when you want, manually or you can control when artworks are changed automatically... so every 10 minutes, or every hour, you decide!

Easy to get access

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Are you ready to start the Ducati Art journey?

Choose from a selection of subscription packages, and Ducati Art is minutes away from being viewed on your TV.

Subscriptions starting at £4.99 per month.*

* monthly fee based on annual subscription

Start 14-day Free Trial

What people are saying about us

Wow… I love art. Now with Vizzio Art I can enjoy amazing art and change the artwork on my walls at any moment. And totally affordable!

Louise Moro

Vizzio Art is the new way of displaying art digitally that we have all been waiting for! Impatient to have it on my wall!

Andy Williams

Affordable monthly subscription makes Vizzio Art accessible to all. Well done on this innovative product.

Sanna Leerkes
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The Vizzio Art platform is the future of art. And now it is being made available to lovers of Ducati to provide them with access to the best, exclusive images and artworks of their favourite community. Our proprietary platform comprises a Digital Art App that communicates directly with our app downloaded to your TV. This provides the gateway for delivering high definition images directly to your TV.

Vizzio Art’s Digital Art app is user-friendly to ensure that you find your favourite Ducati artworks in a heart-beat. All Ducati images are original content directly from the Ducati image library. So all images are exclusive and the best content made available to you.

And the best is that Vizzio Art is totally affordable for all with our different subscription packages.